Florence Croisier is a graduate of the School of Arts-Décoratifs of Geneva, in jewelry field.

Her jewelry’s approach has a sculptural and minimalism spirit.

From 2007, her work has been developed almost exclusively from titanium wire. The thread has become a structuring element, a pencil with which she draws. Wielding chance and repetition, she draws inspiration from natural forms – an Icelandic waterfall – or creates abstract compositions potentially in movement, like flows.

In 2013 she was invited to participate in LOOT at the MAD Museum in New York. The same year, she was the artist featured at the JOYA show in Barcelona and her waterfall in titanium was shown in MAD museum of Paris. In 2014 the C.A.J. gallery in collaboration with the French Institute in Japan, invites her for a duet exhibition with Miho Noka as part of La Nuit Blanche of Kyoto.

Her work takes more aerial direction, through unique pieces, large-format hanged, like mobiles for the work in collaboration with the Japanese artist Takeshi Nishimura in 2018-2019 or for the exhibition « the writing of worlds  » in Agde in 2019. 

Changing scale also invites to modify certain automatisms induced by the repetitive production of models, A redefinition from design to production leading to the exploration of other materials and techniques.

After having taught at the AFEDAP training center in Paris from 1995 to 2006, teaching, since 2019, has again taken up an important part of its activity with students in the art and design profession license at the SEPR in Lyon.