Florence Croisier is a graduate of the School of Arts-Décoratifs of Geneva, in jewelry field.
She creates her own brand in a pure style, approching the jewels in a scultpural way. She creates jewelry in materials such as titanium
which offers suptils colours by anodising, bringing an interesting contrast with precious metals.
The lightness of this material allows the jewellery to be worn liberally whilst retaining complete freedom of movement.

For several years her work has appeared in museum’s shops and jewelry galleries in France and abroad. She was invited to participate at « LOOT 2013″ at MAD museum of New York.

From 2007, she has been developed her design almost exclusively with the wire and mainly the titanium wire. The wire has become a pencil, with which she draws. Its volumes consist of an accumulation of elements assembled in an organized manner or who seems to be by chance. Whatsoever inspired by a great Icelandic waterfall or made from a repetitive element, her work takes sense, when jewels are worn, because they are thought to be modified by body movements.
Her work takes a direction even more « artistic », through unique pieces, human size, still with the intention that body is the center of her work, but it has to be seen as a scultpure as well. To be able to have a better understanding of her aims, she uses a video directed by Manon Pénicaud and Roman Deroubaix / 2013, which was projected next to the waterfall « Dynjandi 1″.
This new approach gave her the opportunity to have shown her work in the Museum of Arts Décoratifs de Paris, at the international exhibition Joya in Barcelona where she was the guest artist in 2013 and at C.A.J. gallery, in the frame of Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2014 organised by the french institute in Japan.