From April 2014, Florence Croisier creations set up her workshop
at Ivry-sur-Seine.

You can visit the studio-showroom by appointment and during
the exhibitions « In situ » in June.

At 2 minutes from the tube station Mairie d’Ivry, line 7,
direct from the center of Paris (30mn)

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The ancien place where Florence Croisier creations
had her workshop from 1995 to 2014


 Association 178

Visit the place during the biannual open days, in May and in December.

Artists Association 178
178, rue Edouard Maury
94120 Fontenay-sous-bois


Artists in this place:

Sandrine Beaudun : textil designer, paper maker (from plants’s fibers)

Florence Brodard : designer clothing, painter and painter on plates

Olivier Charbonnel : pop-ups creator

Isabelle Da Silva : jeweller, “Mademoiselle de la Ronce” jewels

Ludovic de Valon : painter (works with pigments obtained by plants)

Michel Gantner : photographer

Valérie Grange : sculptor in molten glass

Gilles Laburthe : painter and graphist

Sébastien Loubatie : photographer 

Ivika Meister et Nikolaus Maria Holz: « Pré-o-coupé » company

Elisabeth Sandillon : painter

Raymond Sarti : scenographer



The story of workshop of « the Association 178″ is inseparable of Jean-Pierre Seurat.
He was one of the initiators of this elaborated project between about ten artists in search of a building to be rented allowing them to have their own workshop.
An adventure where Jean-Pierre put his body and soul, because there isn’t any space which haven’t received improvement or transformation by his hands.
Soul, because Jean-Pierre was a generous man, his workshop was regulary transformed into a space to danse, with fire, festoon and music. A place of life, because for him, to receive, to welcome and to invite for a dinner was as important than to breathe.
Jean-Pierre Seurat, died the 24th September 2009 (portrait of him and one of his sculpture, on the left). Worshops will never be the same without him, we feel a big lack in our life.

A museum will be dedicated to his work in the south of France at the initiative of his friend and colleague Xavier Carrere. If you are interested and want to support this project, click on this link: